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The world has come a long way since Helen Keller used her fingers and a palm to communicate her thoughts. And as our society becomes more technology-driven, everyone stands to benefit – even the blind. Recent developments bring high tech to the visually-impaired, with seemingly space-age products being introduced into the market.

Among these are 3D pictures of sound that converts spatial information into acoustic maps and actually help the blind to see. Then there’s the Haptic Reader – a device placed onto a book that converts the text to Braille.

And speaking of Braille, Samsung has introduced a concept for a Braille phone, enabling calling and text messaging, while B-Touch now has a touch screen display for Braille which doubles as a book reader and object recognizer.



06/15/2016 2:27am

This device is best in all aspects, as by using fingers and palm we can communicate with our thoughts and feelings. Now a day’s people rush to the technology and grab on these kinds of devices. This device also convert the special information into acoustic maps. Its touch is smooth also.

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